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Case Studies

DocuPrint Solutions has a proven track record helping companies from various industries achieve significant savings of time and money by improving the management of their documents.

Please select from the list below to review individual cases studies that demonstrate DocuPrint's ability to improve the management of your documents.

Case #1: Complete Document Management Solution for a Medical Imaging Department within a Hospital

Case #2: Employee Recognition and Reward Program including Certificates with Security Features

Case #3: Payroll, Expense and Route Reporting Documents for a Transportation Company

Case #4: Secure Documents for a Manufacturing Facility

Case #5: Direct Mail Campaign for a Drug Company

Case #6: Promotional Products Program for National Company

Case #7: Complete Document Management Solution for a Multiple Hospital Healthcare Organization

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Case #1

DocuPrint Solutions analyzed the requisitioning, reporting and storage function of a medical imaging department within a hospital.  Samples of all forms, labels and documentation were gathered.  Included were: three separate labels, a continuous requisition, insert jackets, x-ray envelopes and a variety of slips.

Results included a laser-generated requisition incorporating the three labels, a transport slip, a flash card, demographic/procedure information and charge code data.  Six separate documents were integrated into a single requisition.

Case #2

DocuPrint Solutions assisted a client in developing an employee recognition and reward program.  Their proposed concept required a laser-printed sheet to generate a “2 up” certificate which would be completed by the employee’s supervisor, with one copy to be given to the employee that could be later exchanged for a gift certificate or applied as a credit towards qualified education.  Certificate amounts were:  $50.00, $25.00, $15.00 and $5.00.  Although this system seemed relatively inexpensive, through the analysis process it was discovered that it required a great deal of manual input, required the creation of four new forms, left open the possibility of transposition errors and could be easily duplicated.

DocuPrint created a simple 2 ply, “3 up,” snap-a-part form, with check boxes for preprinted dollar amounts, a consecutive number, assembled in books of 50.  The proposed system was less expensive, needed less manual input, required only one new form, provided a method of reconciliation, eliminated the potential for transcription errors and included security features to prevent unauthorized duplication.

Case #3

A large transportation company requested assistance in analyzing the payroll, expense and route reporting system for their drivers.  A variety of individual forms and envelopes were used.

Working with the client, DocuPrint Solutions carefully analyzed the paperwork system, detailing the function and path of all paperwork and associated information.  The resulting solution was a single barcoded form with 4 plies which included all necessary data and incorporated an 8 1/2 x 11, self sealing envelope.

Case #4

A manufacturing facility requested DocuPrint Solutions’ consultation and review of their secure documents after its payroll checks were duplicated on a color copier and cashed.

DocuPrint Solutions performed a secure document audit that revealed shortcomings in the security features on A/P and payroll checks, as well as the company’s internal control processes.  Fraud prevention recommendations included; overt and covert security features using the latest printing techniques, integrating true watermarked paper with visible fibers, implementing “Positive Pay” and altering storage/accessibility processes.

Case #5

A large drug company contacted DocuPrint Solutions for assistance in recruiting prospective technical employees.

DocuPrint Solutions developed a direct mail campaign.  Features included generation of a mailing list targeting prospective employees, utilization of variable imaging and one-to-one marketing techniques.

Case #6

DocuPrint Solutions was asked to review the promotional products program of a national company.  The client purchased and distributed promotional products and apparel to internal departments, employees and customers across the United States.  Management of such a program was difficult at best, with no reliable reporting function provided by suppliers. 

DocuPrint Solutions proposed a program utilizing design consultation and creative services, an internet-based “Company Store” for employees (including a royalty program), integration of promotional items and print management for cost center-based order tracking, version control, charging, warehousing and distribution.  The reporting function now includes detailed order history and inventory analysis as well as a timely reorder notice procedure.

Case #7

A multiple hospital healthcare organization was facing a document management crisis.  Their existing supplier, a national direct manufacturer, was unable to provide adequate service levels or meet contractual price guarantees due to the challenges posed by a shrinking market and under utilized production facilities.  Under these market conditions, the supplier had attempted to capture market share and increase sales by aggressively promising prospects guaranteed savings.  Resulting losses led the supplier to attempt to reduce expenses by consolidating client support functions into regional call centers.  After experiencing inadequate service and unfulfilled cost savings promises, the client decided a change was necessary.

As a result, DocuPrint Solutions was chosen as the new document management provider.  The client experienced a seamless transition and is now benefiting from:

• Documented hard dollar savings

• A dedicated, integrated account support team

• Paperwork systems analysis and workflow consultation

• Forms committee creation & consultation

• Transition to electronic documents & print-at-desktop

• Graphic services

• Desk top delivery of printed material

• Internet-based ordering and reporting

• Detailed, consolidated invoices in electronic format

• Detailed, reliable performance reporting